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Make your
dream business happen!

Today, Cost and long development cycles are no longer the barrier to launch a business, It is about fast implementation and building a product that your customers want. In 2019 you can launch and test your business idea for under $10,000 in 1-2 months. The same process would have cost you millions and a whole year back in the 90s.

At each stage of our 3 step process you work with the best entrepreneurs who will help you on your journey

Before you start with dreaming about your product we need to figure out the market, the competition, the customer.

We work on what the product looks and feels like. Is it an app, website, eshop.

we built the tech product which customers can use and interact with



We have experience building success projects by
combining the right people and resources in the ideation,
design and development phases

About us

We are designers, business administrators, developers
who are combining efforts, expertise and knowledge in
the ideation, design and developing of new ventures

Cornel Iordache

Abed Alzain